NEW: Recertification for ITIL® & PRINCE2®

Extend your ITIL® or PRINCE2® certificate now!

At the beginning of 2023, PeopleCert introduced an expiration date for all “Global Best Practice” certifications, including ITIL and PRINCE2. You can find out what this is all about, who should take care of re-certification and when, and how this is possible in the following FAQ!

Which certificates lose their validity after 3 years - and why?

All PeopleCert's so-called global best practice certifications are valid for just three years, with retroactive effect from 30.06.2020. This regulation applies, among other things, to all ITIL® 4 certificates (not for ITIL® v3 certifications), all PRINCE2® 5th & 6th Edition certifications and PRINCE2® Agile. PeopleCert Scrum Master certificates are not affected by this regulation. All certificate holders for whom this news is relevant have already been contacted directly by PeopleCert in recent months.

PeopleCert wants to ensure that the Global Best Practice Certificates are proof of current knowledge in the respective area and that certificate holders are up to date with the respective framework. All Global Best Practice Frameworks are being continuously developed in terms of content and adapted to changing conditions in industry. It therefore makes perfect sense to keep yourself up to date professionally through regular further training!

What are the deadlines for recertification?

If you received your certificate before June 30, 2020, you have until July 1, 2023 to renew it. For all certificates that you have received from July 1, 2020, you have 3 years from the certification date to renew/renew the certificate.

Attention: If you have already completed several certificates in a subject area, the renewal date for all certificates is the exam date of the last exam +3 years. An example to explain: If you successfully passed your ITIL 4 Foundation exam on January 1, 2021 and completed your ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support certification on January 1, 2022, BOTH ITIL certificates have the renewal date of January 01, 2025.

How can I recertify myself?

You have several options for this:

  1. They take the same exam again. You can book them via the ATO of your choice or directly with PeopleCert. Important: You must take the repeat exam BEFORE Date the expiration date of your certificate.
  2. You will attend another course in the same subject area and successfully complete the corresponding examination. As a result, all certificates that you have already completed in this training area/ subject area (e.g. ITIL/PRINCE2) in the last 3 years are automatically renewed.
    Examples: To extend the validity of an ITIL 4 certificate, you can take any other ITIL 4 course including the associated exam. To extend the validity of your PRINCE2 Foundation certificate, you can, for example, complete the PRINCE2 Practitioner or PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner training & exam.
  3. You collect enough CPD points on MyAXELOS. This PepleCert platform offers specialist literature, webinars, etc., which you can edit to collect so-called “Continuing Professional Development” (CPD) points. If you have received enough points within a certain period of time, your certificates will also be extended. Further information on CPD points is available directly at PeopleCert homepage.

We would be happy to advise you on these three options - contact us at or 089-18904775-55!

What are the consequences if I don't renew my certificate?

You are not required to renew your certification, all certifications (whether renewed or not) remain visible in your PeopleCert customer account, you can access them as-is, and you can download certificates. Certifications that have passed their renewal date will continue to be recognized as a requirement for participation in advanced courses.

An unextended certificate will continue to be publicly available in PeopleCert's”Successful Candidate Register“- but with the note that this certificate does not comply with the current PeopleCert certification standards.

Official information from PeopleCert: Keep your certifications valid | PeopleCert

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