PRINCE2® 7 is coming!

All important facts & information about the new PRINCE2 edition

Since 1996, there has been the internationally recognized project management method PRINCE2, which is undisputed one of the world's leading project management standards. Based on user experiences and comments on the application, the method is regularly updated, the last time in 2017, and a further revision of the framework has now been published: PRINCE2® 7th edition!

When will the new PRINCE2 edition be released?

The new edition was officially launched by PeopleCert in September. PeopleCert now offers OTMs (training materials) and PRINCE2 7 exams in English. Of course, we will inform you as soon as the exams and training documents are also available in German. Both versions — 6 and 7 — will be available for a transition period of around 6-12 months.

Why is there a new PRINCE2 edition?

The digital revolution, the advent of agile working methods, the increased use of artificial intelligence and increasing volatility and uncertainty in all areas of life have fundamentally changed the world of work in recent years. As a result, the requirements placed on a project management method have also changed. To remain a relevant best practice guideline in project management, PRINCE2 must also evolve and adapt. Every aspect of PRINCE2 has been scrutinized in the current overhaul. As with previous editions, user feedback has also been incorporated this time.

What is new about PRINCE2 7?

Overview of the most important changes:

  • The new PRINCE2 chapter “People” addresses a central point in project management that is extremely important for project success: people. In our opinion, topics such as culture, collaboration and communication and their relevance for project success were actually missing from the previous PRINCE2 editions. This gap is now being closed!
  • agility More is coming into focus — companies should be able to react quickly and easily to changes and challenges. This takes account of a general business trend.
  • sustainability was added as a seventh project performance goal. This takes modern organizational requirements into account.
  • Digital & data are now regarded as the key to the success of many projects. As a result, these are increasingly integrated into the proven PRINCE2 method.

Do the key elements of the PRINCE2 method persist?

The core concepts of the previous edition still form the overall structure of the method.

  • principles - PRINCE2 is still a principles-centered method and the previous seven principles still apply - albeit with a few minor changes in the description and wording.
  • topics - The seven topics from the previous edition will continue to be addressed. However, the topics were renamed “practices.” There are minor changes within the topics/practices.
  • processes - PRINCE2 has a proven process model and this will remain the same. There are still seven processes that support the three levels of management in a PRINCE2 project. The description of the individual processes and their cross-references to the rest of the method were improved.
  • The Appendices/Appendices - have been simplified and reduced in number so as not to distract the reader from the main aspects of the PRINCE2 method.

What training courses are available in the new PRINCE2 edition?

There will continue to be the PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner courses. The duration is new: while the Foundation course was 2-day and the Practitioner course was 3-day, the new Foundation course is now either 2 or 3-day, while the Practitioner course is 2-day:

PRINCE2 Foundation 7th edition training & exam:

PRINCE2 Practitioner 7th edition training & exam:

  • Course duration: 2 days
  • This course provides participants with sufficient knowledge and understanding of how to use PRINCE2 in various project environments and scenarios.
  • The scenario-based test consists of 70 questions (68 so far), of which at least 60% must be answered correctly in 150 minutes. The official PRINCE2 book may continue to be used as a tool for this exam.

I am already PRINCE2 certified according to version 5 or 6 — what does the version change mean for me?

Your PRINCE2 certification remains valid. Please note, however, that the validity of all certificates has been limited to 3 years since January 2023, i.e. you should ideally renew your certificate within these 3 years. You can find more information about this here: Recertification for ITIL & PRINCE2 certificates (

There are differences between versions 6 and 7 in the names of the content and in some cases also in the content itself. The differences between version 5 and version 7 are very big.

PeopleCert does not currently offer a Bridge/Transition course for Edition 7.

If you want to become certified for PRINCE2® 7, the following rules apply:

  • There are no prerequisites for attending the PRINCE2® 7 Foundation Seminar.
  • To attend the PRINCE2® 7 Practitioner course, you must have passed a PRINCE2® 6th Edition (Foundation or Practitioner) or PRINCE2® 7 Foundation certification. Because of the major differences in content, PRINCE2® 5 certifications cannot be recognized as a requirement.
  • In addition, as before, various other project management certifications from other providers (e.g. IPMA, PMQ, PPQ, PMP, CAPM) can be recognized as a prerequisite for participating in the Practitioner course.

Any other questions?

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